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Updated 4/15/2014
Q: What’s the story on the FTL alternative (HTML) interface?

A: The HTML interface to FTL/Kronos has been around ever since FTL has been in service, but because it had limited functionality, it was used on a very limited basis (i.e., by some Linux users who were salaried and didn’t use activities, etc….). Since then, Kronos has added enough functionality that we thought it was worth rolling out.

Updated 4/15/2014
Q: So why is it available now?

A:  The HTML interface is faster, easier to use and works on most operating systems and browsers. It will eliminate the need for many users to access FTL via the terminal server and will generally make the process of filling out timecards easier. And more importantly, it now has enough functionality to be used by more users to make it generally available.

Updated 4/15/2014
Q: Will the HTML interface work for everybody? If not, who should use it?

A: It doesn’t work for everybody.

  • The interface works for all salaried/exempt employees.
  • The interface works for hourly/weekly employees that report to their home task only. The interface should NOT be used by hourly/weekly employees that effort report/transfer effort to activities.

Updated 4/15/2014
Q: Why can’t hourly/weekly employees that report effort use the interface?

A: The HTML interface does not provide the capability to transfer effort to activities or project tasks down in the bottom section, so these users have to continue to use the standard interface.

Updated 7/27/2017
Q: How do I…?

Log in and access the timecard?

A: Click here for answer.

Access “Pay Period Close” to approve timecards?

A: Click here for answer.

Delegate to another person?

A: Click here for answer.